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In early 2013 I stumbled across a photo of a trio of gerbil from a breeder in Maine. I was immediatly stunned by their color, and knowing that there were not blues I contacted the breeder with the intent of getting 1 of these lighter mock-blues.  I ended up brining home the darker one.

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Chmurka's new gerbils

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Psuedo-Agouti/Dark Eyed Honey

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Mother is Swiggley, she is a "Dark Eyed Honey" with multiple color bands in her fur. She is genetically AaC*eeG*P*, She was bred to Prophet aaC*eefG*P*

Below are pictures of Swiggley

No Flash


Looks like a Dark Eyed Honey

No Flash

Notice 4 bands of color in the fur. Closest to skin: pale yellow, gray, yellow, ticking


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Love this :)

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Impromptu Photoshoot

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I took some quick snaps on Saturday during tank cleaning. These two girls might be going on holiday to my parent's for a week or two over christmas as I need to make space for the tree and for my brother staying for a couple of weeks so they can't go in the spare room with the others and I might not be able to handle them being in our bedroom

It was nice playing with my 50mm macro again after having not touched it for over a year now... It struggles with whites because it's cheap;  but it managed quite well in low light with these two - I had visions of blown out whites but they're OK

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My new fellows.

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Hello! Today morning (just after 6 AM) arrived my new 2 gerbils!

Here they are:


Knoppix from Piskomilci Ova, Lilac Sp+ (aa C- DD Ee GG pp Sp+), born on 06.04.2012.


and his girlfriend Kaella from Kenamyszowe Stadko, Saffron (aa C- DD ee G- pp), born on 12.02.2012.


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