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2008 Suspected SpSp pups

Tag: 2008, dom spot, gerbils, SpSp

In 2008, I had some strange pups crop up in a Dom Spot x Dom Spot pairing. They were essentially sickly-looking BEWs that died within a few days. At the time, they were suspected to be SpSp pups carried to term.

The female was "Ky", a Sp. DEH (Aa CC ee Sp+) bred by Garden of Eden Gerbils:

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US High White test (2008)

Tag: extreme white, high white

In 2008, I attempted a breeding trial to figure out whether the US "High White" gerbils were caused by the same mutation as European Extreme Whites. At the time, high whites and high white "carriers" (White Paws mimics) were not present in my area.  I had the opportunity to attend the AGS New England Show that year, and picked up two WP-mimics. From ABC Gerbils, I recieved "Spot": a Black male with white headspot, extended white bib, white flecking in the coat, and a scattering of clear nails (both front and rear).  Spot was just under two years old at the time.

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