Ticked Siamese/Burmese Project

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  Problems with Distinction

MS's Shenanigan

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News! ;-)

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Sorry for not writing for so long time but I have a little 'Armagedon' while finnishing my thesis.


I have to say that I was joined to the Polish Gerbil Club :-) There are all the best Polish breedings.


There's also new girl coming to our stock - sweet and cute Agouti from Gerbil's Dream breeding, PL.

She would be life partner for my male rex - Chomik (eng. Hamster - he really looks as he would be a hamster with a tail! ;)).

They would have really 'rainbow litters' - their genotypes: female: Aa C- DD Ee(-) Gg P-, male: aa Cc(chm) DD ee gg P- Sp+ Re+.


Yesterday my Pchełka (mother of the first litter) was mated with Destylat from Kenamyszowe Stadko - Schimmel.

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gerbil film

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well the film is 70 percent done.. im in the makings of converting the files so i can post the film and have a showing so i can get feedback on what things to to add delete and tweak.. if anyone is interested in being part of the critique please let me know.. i will then take advice and help from others and apply to film and then have an other showing to see if its ready to be made on DVD and distributed!!!

 if youd like to take part in the film viewing please pm me and i can send you link/file for the film!! should be up starting today..

Coda my black mongolian Gerbil :)

Breeding Gerbils This Summer!

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This is my CURRENT Black Mongolian Gerbil Coda

This is my other CURRENT Mongolian Gerbil, Ace

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Pups from litter B looking for new homes!

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Although they cannot still see they're looking for new, good homes :)

5 pups from my second litter can go to new homes at the end of February.

Theese are:


Beamformer - Lt Silver Nutmeg

Bit - Black/Slate

Byte - also Black/Slate

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Facebook site :)

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Hello! sorry for not writing so long but I've got too many things to do on my University and there are also two litters that I have to 'control' if everything goes OK.

Now, I just would like to invite to click 'like it' on my new breeding facebook site. If I have some free time I will write here much more posts and create 'normal' website of my breeding :)