DPP? Chimaera? Mosaic?

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DPP DEH with abnormal undercoat (AaCchmDDeeU*P*) DEH with abnormal undercoat (A*C*DDeeU*P*

So to begin. I was up at ABC Gerbils doing a pups swap before quarantine. Up for grabs was a very cute DPP Honey Cream (Sp. Dark Eyed Honey). I didn't need to take a closer look at her to know that she was coming home with me.

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2008 Suspected SpSp pups

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In 2008, I had some strange pups crop up in a Dom Spot x Dom Spot pairing. They were essentially sickly-looking BEWs that died within a few days. At the time, they were suspected to be SpSp pups carried to term.

The female was "Ky", a Sp. DEH (Aa CC ee Sp+) bred by Garden of Eden Gerbils:

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First post on my blog

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Hello everybody!

As far as some of you know I'm new on the forum.

I'm from Poland ang gerbils are my passion.

You can see my pupils in forum topic:

I'm looking forward to my first litter that will start up my breeding.

I like (e-)meeting new people, especially gerbilomaniacs!

I think that's all for the beginning

See you soon! :)


Graves Park

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We've been having a very mild autumn this year, so naturally had to go out for a little visit to a localish park which also has an animal farm...

I'll confess that I'm no fan of farmyard animals as most of them creep me out; hens and sheep for example but it was something to look at and take photos of. In the end we didn't go around the park much but it is 84hectares so it's unrealistic that we would've walked the entire park anyway.

The sunshine was very nice and I managed to forget to take a coat; thankfully I didn't need it anyway

First up is this crazy Chicken which reminds me of a fraggle or a character off the Hoobs!

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Bonfire Night

Tag: fireworks

A few photos from the fireworks last night. Sadly the sports club nearby didn't seem to have a show on.... I'm hoping they will have it tonight instead so I can get better shots, as these were too close and I had the wrong lens in so they're not that great.

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