Home from the AGS Mid West Show

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Traveling out to the Mid West Gerbil show was a long trip. Along the way, we stopped at Niagara Falls, visited an aviary, and a zoo!

This was also my first show as a probationary judge. I learned a lot from being able to handle 30 gerbils that weren't my own. I've gotten very used to my own gerbils, its hard to believe that gerbils would behave any other way. I was impressed by the many spectacular gerbils that were on the show floor. There was  a beautiful nutmeg female with rich oily black ticking. She would have been a show stopper if she had a personality to match.

Many of my gerbils did very well in the show. Two gerbils compeleted their Championships.

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Pfötchen and Puit - new BFFs

Tag: Introduction, split-cage introduction

Puits best gerbil friend Narf died too soon and too fast and left her all alone. This unbearable condition had to end before it really started, so I started to watch out for lonly female gerbils.

I was lucky. There was a rescued young girl sitting not too far away, so I took the black beauty home and named her Pfötchen (=little paw) because of her bright white marks on her forepaws.

Some days later I started the split-cage introduction, but it didn't take them long to recognise their soulmate on the other side of the mash, so I took them out and let them run around on my lap together. After half an hour they were cuddling.

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Gerbil Digging Movie

Tag: digging, gerbil

Just testing out my mad skillz: I had a play around making a movie with movie maker, just want to see how it is... Haven't yet worked out how to get rid of the sound without having to put music on it and risk being smited by the copyright gods.





Back to Black

Tag: Black, slate

last pups born at home

mom : aa Cc(chm) dd E* Uwuw(d) P* Sc

dad : aa c(h)c(chm) DD ee Uwuw(d) Pp Sp.



Rehab & Addicted stayed at home :

Back to Black too :


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US High White test (2008)

Tag: extreme white, high white

In 2008, I attempted a breeding trial to figure out whether the US "High White" gerbils were caused by the same mutation as European Extreme Whites. At the time, high whites and high white "carriers" (White Paws mimics) were not present in my area.  I had the opportunity to attend the AGS New England Show that year, and picked up two WP-mimics. From ABC Gerbils, I recieved "Spot": a Black male with white headspot, extended white bib, white flecking in the coat, and a scattering of clear nails (both front and rear).  Spot was just under two years old at the time.

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A New Look

Tag: New Site

So its been awhile since I've given my site a makeover. After many hours of work, I have something. Its still not done yet, but the framework and basic information is there. I like the new layout better, as its more versatile and gives me more oppurtunities to expand. I've been working on it straight for a few weeks, and i still don't feel like I've made much progress. There are alot of things still to come, as i need to sit down and take a bunch of pictures.

For anyone who cares to look and see...