Clumber Park, again

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So, last night I had an impromptu visit to Clumber Park again (just south of Worksop, park of the original Sherwood Forest)... Some fool had decided to start a fire in a garden a couple of houses down as it's it's been hot, humid and very close here for the past few days with little to no breeze I could see the smoke billowing past our windows. I had to close them all and at one point I could barely see the houses across the street from us it was so thick.

I have a cold and my throat was already raw and this smoke was just burning my throat constantly so I just had to get away from it (and stop doing my work, an evening wasted!)

So off back home I went to collect my mum and we went to Clumber. Currently it's on late openings during summer and it was such a beautiful evening; very humid though and as my app on my phone told me it was something stupid like 24 at 8pm, which is into the 80's F I believe.

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Mo and Clementine Update (First Blog)

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This is my first blog!  I'm not sure why it took me so long to write one...but here it is!  I have an update on Mo and Clementine, my little rescued baby gerbils.

There has been some improvement with little Mo.  She no longer hides behind Clem when she comes out for playtime and certainly not in front of my camera!  In fact, she seems a little intrigued by my iPhone so it's easier to take a photo of her with it than my dSLR.

Here is a photo I took today of the both of them.  Mo weighs 39g and Clem weighs 35g.  Wee little babies, huh? 




Neutering a gerbil?

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Has enybody gotten their gerbils neuterd? What is the lowest price you have found?


My Gerbils

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Okay, I know this is kinda pointless, but I've really been wanting to try out the blog thing, so, I shall introduce you to my gerbils. (I'll hopefully get a photobucket accont soon, so I can post pictures)

In Tank #1, we have Athena & Artemis, a burmese and a nutmeg, these two little girls came to me at the 2011 New England AGS gerbil show. I adopted them from KJ of Moonstone Gerbils, and they’ve been living with me ever since. Right now they’re about ½ a year old. Athena is a show gerbil and has won a first place and best in show at the 2011 New England AGS mock show.

And, in Tank #2- Percy & Agamemnon, a pied black and a spotted black, these two boys came to me at the when my mom found them at a little pet store. My mom called me, and I came over, and ended up with these cute boys. Right now they’re about 1 ½ years old.

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Newbie Update

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They've been home almost a week now, they've settled in very well and already know me and my scent, so handling is generally very easy and that little Kobette is a right 'un. 

As today was nice and sunny (severe weather warnings huh? Yeah, right.) I took some quick snaps of the two girls...

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Meet the Noobs

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I recently picked up two new little girls to be introduced to my loner; Skye.

We have a little REH and a Collared Black, both are related to my Gerbils I have here which is a nice little twist of fate; the REH is granddaughter of Lynn one of the Wavy breeder females and neice to some of the Gerbils left here (Lynn is now living with Ed) and the Black is distantly related to Skye, Isi and Hazel.

Pete's decided that the REH is to be called Siena b (said like Sienabee) after the late and very much missed Siena. And the Black is to be called Kobette after the late Kobe.

They coped with the drive back quite well, and initially Kobette was the most inquisitive but this morning; the day after Sienab seems to be the most confident and has quite happily been coming into my hands for a play and doesn't mind me lifting her.

When they first arrived home, just moving them into a temporary tank until they're splt with Skye:

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