A Day Out

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Word of warning... There's quite a few images in this post!

We had a little day out at Clumber Park which is in the most northern part of the ancient Forest of Sherwood  (I previously posted about a visit to Sherwood itself) and I haven’t been since I was in upper sixth-form, so was around 18 and it was a beautiful summer day and we spent most of our time sat on the grass outside the chapel watching over the lake - what more could you ask for?

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Fennel and Pipkin Split Cage

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Well I thought I would test this blog out with Fennel and PIpkin's split tank.

Fennel is my lone female, a former mother (petstore's fault) who got in a fight with the daughter who was sopposed to live with her. Ash was killed, and we only has two other female pups who were getting older by the day, so we decided to leave her alone since she wasn't acting depressed.

Then last week I saw this beautiful spotted agouti pup in our local petshop, surrounded by her male brothers. I couldn't help myself, and brought her home on the 18th. On Wednesday I put her and Fennel in their split. Fennel (one year old) was aggresive at first, which scared Pipkin, but after the first night she coolded off. Today is day 3 and Fennel made her nest next to the divider, and Pipkin is Sleeping wherever Fennel makes her nest, so right now they are curled up next to the mesh.

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Argente Golden Coat Colour - Every silver lining has a cloud

Although the name Argente is familiar with most gerbil enthusiasts, not many out there understand the meaning of the name, or its origin.  If we look closer still.

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Meet my Gerbils

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Here are my three Gerbils: Skye, Isi and Hazel who came home in October 2009.

When they first arrived:




And a few more over the past couple of years:


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Amazing Gerbils, simply amazing

Tag: New Litter

Hello Everyone,

Lilly, my precious LCP Agouti gerbil had her 2nd litter (none of the first survived) a week ago. Unfortunately I found out that her mate and the father of both litters was her brother. I was not very pleased to say the least and decided to remove him as soon as the pups arrived to prevent any future pregnancies between the two. Lilly  was so unhappy alone that I decided to try and introduce a "friend" even though her litter was only 1 week old. I found a very friendly male REW whom I introduced to her by putting him in a cage and then placing the cage into her 20 gallon tank. For 2 days I watched as they snuggled up against the sides of the cage and begged to be with one another. I finally gave in and let the male out of his cage. Then something amazing happened!! After kissing and smelling each other for a few minutes Lilly took him to her nest and introduced him to her babies. He licked them and curled up beside them while she went to have "breakfast" and that folks is how the two have been for the past 3 days. If only humans could be so loving..................BTW I need a name for the surrogate father/new husband LOL.



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so i found three babies in mel's tank today! apparently she was pregnant when i bought her at the petshop about 3 weeks ago. probably from one of her brothers so we can all guess what colour they'll be

i'll start posting pictures tomorrow if she lets me.

for now all seems well, their stomachs are full of milk and they squirm around a lot. mum's always on top of them.

she was in a split with roxa and yesterday i even switched their sides! talk about good timing huh! if she'd given birth yesterday they probably would've ended up with roxa!

i took roxa and the split out now, obviously. looks like roxa won't be having a friend so soon after all. i'll introduce her to one of the pups when they're old enough.

this is my first litter by the way. i've read a lot about breeding gerbils but any advice would still be welcome!