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Success with DPP breeding

Tag: breeding, DPP, gerbils, moonstone


The Grandmother: MS's ABC's Inertia

Last winter I got a DPM DEH from ABC Gerbil in Nashua, NH. I named her Inertia. Inertia also has an odd undercoat. I bred her to Kreg, the Peg Leg. He was a black male, carrying aaCcbEePpUwuwd. Togeather they had 5 pups (Nutmeg, Spot Nutmeg, DEH, CPA, Burmese). 

I named the CPA male Long John Silver.

The Mother: MS's Bumble

Bumble was a stroke of good luck. She isn't the most obvious of DPP's, especially as an adult. She was born early this year, in her mothers third and final litter. The mom, Luma came from a petstore that breeds their own gerbils, and just lets males and female intermingle willy nilly. The father is Buzz, an off color red fox out of my schimmel lines. I had placed them togeather hoping for silver points (which I did get, I named the silver point Lightyear). Below she is pictured in the middle as a pup.

Here she is again as an adult, sorry its the worst photo I think i've ever taken. Its really hard to see her patch as an adult. I wouldn't know she had one, if i hadn't raised her myself.

Bumble was bred the Long John Silver. In the first litter they had a male Honey Cream pup who as a young pup looked like me might be a DPM. However, the patch on his right leg next to his tail did not produce darker hair, the skin is still dark. We will see if anything changes when he finished molting.

This is a close up. It is not a shadow.

Long John Silver was taken out of the nest at 4/5 weeks with the males. So a third litter is not due. In the second litter however, I was rewarded with a DPS Sapphire male. He's such a light colored gerbil, i couldn't really use flash photography on him, it washed out his spots.

I don't know if anyone else has ever bred a dark patch gerbils and got dark patches back in the first generation. I know it tends to skip generations and reappear in the family.   He's still way too young for me to decide what I'm going to do with him.

Inertia is currently in a breeding pair with Dreamweaver a DPM Sapphire.

I also have a female Pied CPS who looks suspiciously like a DPP, however I don't have any pup pictures of her to really confirm it. She also wan't cooperating when we were taking pictures.

I also am borrowing  BWC's Lone Star who is a DPM Nutmeg. I don't have pictures of him yet.  I am reasonably sure he is from her line of DPP's. I will be pairing him with one of the above females, though this is probably a winter project.