Members blogs & theming your profile

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Members blogs & theming your profile

I've added members blogs to your members profiles if anyone wants to use them. smiley  If they prove popular I'll add more themes as time goes by to give members more choice.

Even if you don't use the blog you can still use the new themes I've added to enhance how your profile looks and feels.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to set them up.

Changing your theme for your blog and members profile

First go to your account page.  You can access this from the navigation in the side bar 

Then click on the Edit tab.


Once you are in the  Edit section scroll down to "your blog theme configuration"


Here you can pick which theme you would like for your blog and profile page.  Once you have picked a theme, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Submit". Refresh your page and your user account and blog page will be in the style of your choosing. smiley

Writing blog posts and viewing all blog posts

To access your blog and write a post you can get there in several ways.  One way is to click "Create content" in your navigation panel and choose to write a blog post.  Another way is to click on "My blog" in the navigation panel.


This takes you straight to your blog to write your latest entry.

You may have also noticed the small blue "blog it" icons on the blog news and gerbil news on the front page.


This allows you to instantly pull that particular news or blog item into your blog post where you can comment on it smiley

Have fun!