New Calendars for 2009

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New to the eGerbil Cafepress store and ready for 2009 are the eGerbil calendars. After a positive reception to last year’s eGerbil calendar, there are now three different styled calendars to choose from!


The Coat Colour Calendar features a different gerbil colour for each month, such as Siamese and Burmese gerbils for July, and dilute Black (Blue) gerbils for September.

The Informational Calendar is just as it is named, with various snippets of information like housing, handling, and breeding, to name a few.


RSS Feeds & Gerbil News

You may have noticed the little icon at the bottom of this and some other pages.  This is because eGerbil now has RSS feeds enabled on the website.  Basically you can click to subscribe to the pages and you will be notified of any updates that happen on the website.  We also have a new Gerbil News section which is again updated every day from Google on any article that appears on the web that is gerbil related!  Either click this link to go straight to the main page or look for updates in the menu bar on your right ⇒

A New Gerbil Breeding Section

sexing pups


This is a new section for the eGerbil website and we hope to be adding many articles in the future about all aspects of breeding gerbils.  We have added several articles to get the ball rolling.  Firstly, the sexing gerbils pages have been updated to include three new Flash guides on sexing young pups.  The photos used in the guides are really detailed and were taken by Liz Arblaster. Click here or click on the photo on the left to go straight to the new guides.  Click here to go to the sexing adult gerbils page.






Scent Gland Tumours & Their Removal

scent gland surgery 

Both male and female gerbils possess a scent gland, which is a hairless, tan/skin coloured, oval patch of skin that is located in the central belly/abdominal region along the mid-ventral line of the gerbil. The male scent gland is slightly larger and he uses it more often, usually to mark his territory. A common problem with elderly gerbils is tumours of the scent gland and they most often occur in elderly males, however they are not unknown in females.  Read More about scent gland tumours in gerbils.

Behaviour Page Updated!

gerbil behaviour page


Have a browse at the latest updates on eGerbil's behaviour page.  The content information and pictures showing various aspects of gerbil behaviour has been greatly expanded.  It also now includes informative videos on various behaviours made by Loz Whitmore for eGerbil.

Also linked from this page are instructions on making a burrow system which helps reduce the stereotypical behaviour of burrowing excessively in corners, which you can also reach by clicking here.

What Colour Is My Gerbil?

Coat I.D. FinderNew at eGerbil is the coat colour I.D. coat checker.  Built in Flash format, it's ideal for any beginning gerbil keeper or breeder and helps to identify the coat colour variety of your gerbil.

It's very easy to use and is in a question & answer style and takes you along an identification path for virtually all gerbil colours.

Either click the picture on the left or click here to take you straight to the page.