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Impromptu Photoshoot

Tag: gerbils

I took some quick snaps on Saturday during tank cleaning. These two girls might be going on holiday to my parent's for a week or two over christmas as I need to make space for the tree and for my brother staying for a couple of weeks so they can't go in the spare room with the others and I might not be able to handle them being in our bedroom

It was nice playing with my 50mm macro again after having not touched it for over a year now... It struggles with whites because it's cheap;  but it managed quite well in low light with these two - I had visions of blown out whites but they're OK

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My new fellows.

Tag: fellow, gerbils, New, pair

Hello! Today morning (just after 6 AM) arrived my new 2 gerbils!

Here they are:


Knoppix from Piskomilci Ova, Lilac Sp+ (aa C- DD Ee GG pp Sp+), born on 06.04.2012.


and his girlfriend Kaella from Kenamyszowe Stadko, Saffron (aa C- DD ee G- pp), born on 12.02.2012.


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Success with DPP breeding

Tag: breeding, DPP, gerbils, moonstone


The Grandmother: MS's ABC's Inertia

Last winter I got a DPM DEH from ABC Gerbil in Nashua, NH. I named her Inertia. Inertia also has an odd undercoat. I bred her to Kreg, the Peg Leg. He was a black male, carrying aaCcbEePpUwuwd. Togeather they had 5 pups (Nutmeg, Spot Nutmeg, DEH, CPA, Burmese). 

I named the CPA male Long John Silver.

The Mother: MS's Bumble

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2008 Suspected SpSp pups

Tag: 2008, dom spot, gerbils, SpSp

In 2008, I had some strange pups crop up in a Dom Spot x Dom Spot pairing. They were essentially sickly-looking BEWs that died within a few days. At the time, they were suspected to be SpSp pups carried to term.

The female was "Ky", a Sp. DEH (Aa CC ee Sp+) bred by Garden of Eden Gerbils:

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First post on my blog

Tag: chmurka, gerbils, poland

Hello everybody!

As far as some of you know I'm new on the forum.

I'm from Poland ang gerbils are my passion.

You can see my pupils in forum topic:

I'm looking forward to my first litter that will start up my breeding.

I like (e-)meeting new people, especially gerbilomaniacs!

I think that's all for the beginning

See you soon! :)


Digging Gerbils

Tag: digging, gerbils

I took these short movies a few weeks ago when I first introduced the girls... I've just added in some more toys to the tank now I am quite certain they are doing well together; then the next step is adding even more susbstrate

After splitting and then moving them into their tank, I tried to add as much substrate from their split tank with a relatively small amount of fresh substrate so not to upset them.



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