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Psuedo-Agouti/Dark Eyed Honey

Tag: agouti, breeding, dark eyed honey, inbred

Mother is Swiggley, she is a "Dark Eyed Honey" with multiple color bands in her fur. She is genetically AaC*eeG*P*, She was bred to Prophet aaC*eefG*P*

Below are pictures of Swiggley

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Looks like a Dark Eyed Honey

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Notice 4 bands of color in the fur. Closest to skin: pale yellow, gray, yellow, ticking


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Tag: accidental, babies, breeding, inbred, petshop, pregnant, pups

so i found three babies in mel's tank today! apparently she was pregnant when i bought her at the petshop about 3 weeks ago. probably from one of her brothers so we can all guess what colour they'll be

i'll start posting pictures tomorrow if she lets me.

for now all seems well, their stomachs are full of milk and they squirm around a lot. mum's always on top of them.

she was in a split with roxa and yesterday i even switched their sides! talk about good timing huh! if she'd given birth yesterday they probably would've ended up with roxa!

i took roxa and the split out now, obviously. looks like roxa won't be having a friend so soon after all. i'll introduce her to one of the pups when they're old enough.

this is my first litter by the way. i've read a lot about breeding gerbils but any advice would still be welcome!